Our Purpose

The Setonian Foundation is an alumni association of brothers from the Phi Beta Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta fraternity at Seton Hall University. Our organization is social in nature. We wish to preserve our fraternal bonds and friendships. We strive to assist the Phi Beta Chapter in whatever way is needed. In addition we are interested in networking, awarding scholarships and supporting Seton Hall University.

The Setonian Foundation

- is incorporated by the State of New Jersey as a non-profit organization
- is a chartered Alumni Chapter and fully recognized by Phi Kappa Theta National Fraternity
- is a recognized club of Seton Hall University
- monetary policy prohibits expenditure beyond the local level
- includes all alumni brothers initiated by New Jersey Phi Beta Chapter as members
- charges no dues
- regularly publishes the newsletter FOUNDATIONS
- awards the Rev. Robert Grady and Dr. Bernard Duffy scholarships yearly to brothers from the Phi Beta Chapter
- traces its history to 1962
- past presidents were James Leber, Nick Scalera, William Hoffman and Bill Trub
- was reactivated in 1992
- is listed on the internet as http://www.setonianfoundation.org
- holds its annual meeting on the 1st Saturday of November at Cryan's Tavern at 12 PM followed by the Alumni Football Game

Board of Trustees


President: Brandon R. Brewster '97
Vice-President: Matthew C. McCue '04
Secretary: James T. Spaeth '65
Treasurer: Michael D. Trapani '01

Elected Members

Member: Douglas Andersen ’80
Member: Marc V. Colasanto '96
Member: Scott Fitzgerald ’08
Member: John E. Gawryluk ’76
Member: Richard K. Holden ’75
Member: Alan Knoblauch ’92
Member: Nathaniel J. Lhowe ’06
Member: Glenn T. Miklencic '91
Member: Patrick A. Robinson ’72
Member: Daniel (DJ) Salvante ’08
Member: Nicholas R. Scalera ’63
Member: Ronald R. Sorensen ’72
Member: Steven Stiles ’11
Member: William J. Trub ’75
Member: Bryan White ’10

Ex-Officio Members

Faculty Advisor (Ex-Officio): Dr. Peter G. Ahr 'A
Chaplain (Ex-Officio): Rev. Paul A. Holmes 'A
President, Undergraduate Chapter (Ex-Officio): Pat McManus
Treasurer, Undergraduate Chapter (Ex-Officio): Frank Schray